5 Basic Precautions for Repairing Hydraulic Brakes

Hydraulic brakes are a system that comprises of either lever or brake pedal which connects to a master cylinder from a mechanical linkage. Brake fluid puts pressure to the linkage and flows to slave cylinder.

Disc brakes that are in cylinder push up against brake rotor which causes the vehicle to stop. You can install these auto parts yourself by following these tips:

  1. Know the Signs

You must know the signs that tell you it is time to change your vehicle’s brakes. First sign is a squealing noise which you will hear whenever the vehicle is stopped. It comes from an indicator on pad and indicates that the material present on brake pads has worn down to ¼ inch.

Second sign is when it takes you longer to stop your vehicle or in case the brake pedal does not travel as far as it should be. If these are the cases then it might be time to check brake pads.

  1. Check Fluid Before Starting Repairing Process

Brake repair is not always necessary whenever a problem arises. Sometimes new brake fluid is all you need to add or change. Whenever your car’s brake pedal lowers to the floor, it is an indication that brake fluid is low.

In this case, use a turkey baster to remove the old fluid from master cylinder reservoir. Once it is fully emptied from old fluid, wipe out the reservoir with cloth and fill the cylinder with the new one until it hits the fill line. You will easily get brake fluid for your vehicle from online auto parts store.

  1. Choose Pads and Rotors Wisely

You will always have two choices when deciding on the type of pads or rotors whenever you make a repair. You can choose the type that car manufacturer has recommended or select a type that is best for your driving style.

In case you change your vehicle’s rotor quite often then you need to switch to rotor that has slots. It disperses heat better than the standard ones. You can also change your brake pads from standard to ceramic pads. These types of pads last longer, work like a standard pad but are quieter and produce less dust.

  1. Check the Diagrams

Diagrams are found in any car manuals such as Hynes or Chilton. It is a valuable resource for you if you want to fix car brakes yourself. It can tell you if you installed brakes correctly and whether hydraulic brakes comply with manufacturer’s recommendations or not.

  1. Test Brakes After Repair

Once you are done with repairing process of hydraulic brakes, you must complete two tests to ensure your brakes are working properly. You can complete the first test by turning your car off and pumping your brakes for couple of times.

While pumping, you need to increase your efforts until you no longer press the brakes down. If the pedal came back up, this is an indication that hydraulic brake system has leak in it. Second way of checking the brakes is by speeding up your vehicle to five miles per hour and then pressing on them. All components of hydraulic system are available at online auto parts store so visit it and grab the best for your vehicle’s longevity.

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