Air injection Service

Air injection system helps to reduce the engine emissions. The air injection hoses inserts extra air into the car’s exhaust system to convert C0 into C02. When the air injection hoses deteriorate, it need to be replaced. For fuel injection service, visit us in Winston Salem.

What we offer:

  • We inspect the Air Injection Hoses
  • Identify cracked hoses
  • We replace those hoses.
  • Check valves and system hoses

Fuel Injection Service

Now a day’s latest engines are all fuel injected. Cleaning and maintenance of cars, suv’s and trucks fuel injection system is very important.

Why fuel injector cleaning is necessary?

During driving conditions, Carbon deposits form on the fuel injectors. When fuel burns it leaves the carbon deposits on piston valves and fuel injector nozzle. Fuel injector cleaning on regular basis remove these deposits.

Benefits of fuel injection cleaning

At All Star Auto Solutions, we provide fuel injection services which will help to:

  • Increase auto fuel efficiency
  • Increase vehicle’s performance
  • Extend fuel injector life