Auto A/C & Heating Services

Visit All Star Auto Solutions Winston-Salem, NC 27107 to get your auto air conditioning service or heating problems.

You may face heating and A/C system problems after certain time reasons may be clog and drip hose pipes. It may cause reduced cooling or heating. To keep the AC system operating perfectly, regular maintenance is essential or visit us for auto air conditioning service in Winston Salem.

Issues of A/C system which do indicate that it’s time to Get your car Cooling systems checked up.

  • Nominal Change of temperature as compare to the exterior weather
  • You smell dusty air
  • Your car A/C cools only when you are driving the car only
  • The air conditioning blows warm air
  • Air Vents are blowing less air

Assessment of heating and a/c systems includes:

  • Blower should be inspected
  • Radiator Cooling level, Thermostat and hose pipes examination
  • A/C compressor and it’s belt inspection
  • Water Pump leaks, Compressor Gas Leakage inspection
  • Cooling system pressure examination
  • Interior vent air temperature inspection