Being comfortable and safe in the vehicle is what every driver needs. Brakes do play an essential role along with other factors in your safety. Therefor are breaking system is needed to be checked and maintained regularly by auto experts. It’s not just the brake repair of pads or shoe replacement which ensures the vehicle safety there is a proper breaking mechanism which in collaboration with brake pads ensure the safety like, Resurface Rotors, Calipers, Brake Hoses, brake flushed and ABS systems these all needed to be inspect regularly.

Here is following Functionality of mentioned braking system parts.

Brake Repair: Brake Pads Replacement & Shoe Replacement

Deteriorated pads causes the grinding metal sound whenever you hit brake which is signal that now its damaging your car’s drums and rotors. You should get your car to auto repair shop as soon as possible to avoid damage and get it fixed.

Resurface Rotors

Rotors are attached to the vehicle’s wheels. Rotors and wheels do stop instantly when the brake pads grip the rotor. However, with the passage of time the cracks or friction loss may appear. This causes the loose brake. Here at All Star Auto Solutions our expert technicians can bring life back to your rotors and can repair them as well.

Caliper Replacement

Calipers are in the form of clamps and can fit easily around the rotor and the functionality of caliper is that it presses pads against the rotors. Uneven braking is caused due to bad caliper. Your car Forwards despite of braking? Then it’s time to replace the calipers! Bring your car to us for caliper replacement.

Brake Hoses

Brake hose is in form of a Tube which carries pressurized brake fluid which is in master cylinder to the brakes. Dawdled or slow brake may be due to crushed Brake Hoses or leak in the hoses. This may cause the brake system to fail and you may need experts for your vehicle’s brake repair and replacements.