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If your car engine is not starting, poorly running and eating gas a lot, you should consider carburetor engine. You may need to repair or rebuild the carburetor of the vehicle. Problem with carburetor can be big or small but we are here to repair both. You can clean the carburetor by yourself, but there are some repairing services that can only be done by the mechanics. We are in the auto service field for so many years and we have experts who can provide you best engine carburetor repair services in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

Carburetor is used to control the engine speed, blend air and fuel of an internal combustion engine. It also regulates the ratio of fuel and air. Here at all star auto solutions we provide you full engine carburetor repair services. No matter what model of your car is, we do offer carburetor services of all makes and models.

You can visit us for our full range of engine repair services. Fill the booking form and make an appointment as soon as you can for the best auto repairing services in Winston Salem, North Carolina.