CV Axle Replacement & Repair

CV joints are important part of Drivetrain. Because of these the power is transferred from transmission to the drive wheels. So identification of any issues in them is essential. Because if you identify the problem, you will know what option is best for you cv axle replacement or just repairs. You can identify any issues in them as well while driving like:

  • When shifting a clunking Noise
  • When you are turning vehicle a popping or clicking noise
  • Grease leak which may be due to cracks in plastic/Rubber boots

If you are experience the above mentioned issues than it’s an indication of CV joints damage and cv axle replacement. Generally the CV joins have long time until there isn’t any crack in theirs boot covers. But these should be inspected and maintained regularly to avoid the damages. But if you do ignore the above mentioned indication this may cause severe damage to not only CV joints.

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