Engine light Services

Almost all new automobiles are equipped with an on-board computer diagnostic system which monitor every vehicle’s operating system. This on-board diagnostic system is linked with the transmission and engine and change the performance according to set manufacturer parameters. When the parameters are found outside of the tolerable range, the check engine light becomes lit.

Our Engine Light Diagnostic Services

Here at our service center we are providing you engine light diagnostic services for your vehicle. All Star Auto Solutions have engine specialists who can diagnose your vehicle’s engine and guide you accordingly.

  • We diagnose your vehicle engine light
  • Provide you assistance and guide you
  • We repair your vehicle, if there is any need of it after diagnosis.

The engine converts the energy into valuable mechanical motion. The engine is responsible to keep your vehicle moving. Although, engine is the part that is the most susceptible to damage and breakdown. Whenever you feel like your vehicle engine is not working properly or it need replacement, you can bring your vehicle to us. We not only repair engines, but also provides engine replacement services in Winston Salem, NC.

Engine replacement is not an easy job and that’s why you need professionals to make that job done. We All Star Auto Parts can replace your auto engine at our auto service center in North Carolina.

AS Auto Solution can also arrange the engine light or any auto part for replacement. We have an auto parts store in Winston Salem and if you need any auto part for your vehicle we can provide you that. For more information you can call us or take an appointment by using our booking form.