Ignition System & Spark Plugs

Engine Tune Up Services: Ignition System Sparks and Plugs

For engine to work properly The Ignition, Fuel, Emission, and computer system needed to work in collaboration. If these functions and parts are perfectly tuned up it results in fuel efficiency, Improved performance and saving fuel expense and less emission.

Ignition System

The functionality of ignition system is to transfer energy produced by sparks to the combustion chamber.

Spark Plugs

These are installed within the cylindrical head and do deliver current produced by these to the combustion chamber.

Spark Plugs needed to be replaced when

  • There is issue in starting
  • Low Power
  • Auto Missing or backfiring
  • High Level of Emission
  • Low fuel Efficiency

Ignition Coils

Ignition coils do produce high of voltage to ignite the air and fuel inside combustion chamber. An on board computer usually control this function.

  • Problem in Starting
  • Hard Starting
  • Missing under a Load
  • High Emission
  • Maintaining Ignition System Helps in
  • Quick Auto Start
  • Increased Auto Performance
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Lower Level of Emissions
  • Sparks energy Regulation

What does All Star Auto Solutions Tune Up include?

  • Complete Tune up
  • Spark plugs Replacement
  • Emission levels Analysis
  • Speed and Timing adjustment
  • Complete inspection of maintenance