Changing oil and oil filter regularly helps to increase the life of the vehicle. All Star Auto Solutions offer oil Change and filter replacement services in Winston Salem North Carolina. If you want to change the oil of your vehicle’s engine you can visit our auto repair center. You can stay in your car or you can wait and can relax in our shop  while we change your car engine oil.

Oil And Filter Change Service

Oil plays a vital part in engine’s working. Our expert team knows your vehicle than anyone else. They know which oil will suit your car engine. Here at our auto repair shop we offer oil and filter change service of all foreign or domestic vehicles. We provide fast and simple services in Winston Salem, North Carolina.

All Star Auto Solutions helps you to choose the best auto oil for your ride. See the chart below for the oil comparison:
Conventional OilHigh MileageSynthetic Blend OilFull Synthetic
Full ProtectionDesigned For Auto Engines over 75,000 MilesBetter ProtectionBetter Protection
Good Quality PerformanceProtect from worn and leaky sealsBetter PerformanceBetter Performance
Good Sludge ProtectionHelps restore lost compressionGood CleaningGood Cleaning
Will Reduce The Consumption Of Motor OilBetter fuel economyBetter fuel economy
Help to protects when temperature extremesHelp to protects when temperature extremes

Types of oil change:

Conventional oil

Conventional oil can make your vehicle in a good shape. You will always have a good and smooth ride if you change your motor oil regularly. It will clean the internal surface of the engine. It also protects the engine from overheating.

High Mileage Oil

It is designed for the vehicle which is over 75,000 miles. It will reduce the oil burn, oil leaks and gradual loss of compression.

Synthetic Blend Oil

It is the highest quality motor oil for all vehicles. If you want better performance and protection, you can choose synthetic blend oil for your car.