Shock & Strut Replacement Services

Shocks and struts are the components of the vehicle suspension system. It will help the vehicle balanced and ride smoothly on the road. We will provide you shock and strut inspections for all makes and models. With the time your vehicle’s shocks and struts begin to weak down, it will reduce your car stability and will affect the vehicle’s handling. In that situation shock & strut replacement services will be the best choice for.

Here at All Star Auto Solutions we will check the shocks, struts and springs of the vehicle’s suspension system and will guide you if there is any sign of damage or wear. We will repair or replace the shocks and struts if there is any need of it. Our service will only take 2-3 hours to complete.

For shocks and struts or any auto body part, you can visit our online AS Auto Parts store in Winston Salem, North Carolina. You can order all aftermarket, new, refurbished auto parts for all SUV’s, cars and trucks.