Top 4 Tips to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Term Storage

Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Term Storage

There are many different reasons why people choose to place their vehicles in long term storage. Maybe they are going for a long trip to another country or they are going to buy new vehicle and want to store the other one. No matter what is the reason, there are number of things that must be done before you store your vehicle for long time.

If your car is simply left in garage or it is on road for an extended period of time, many of its car parts like battery or engine can damage by the time you returns. Furthermore, your vehicle can be infested with rodents or its tires can also be ruined.

You should take some steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Term Storage. These simple steps will not only ensure your car will start when you return but also that the storage does not reduce the life of some certain auto parts such as engine.

  1. Change Oil

If your vehicle is only going to be in storage for couple of weeks, do not bother to oil change. In case you are going to store it for more than 30 days then your vehicle’s oil needs to be changed to prevent car parts like engine from becoming damaged by contaminants in used engine oil. You can buy engine oil from online auto parts supplier.

  1. Fill the Tank

Fill up the fuel tank of your vehicle before storing it for 30 days or more. This prevents moisture from accumulating and keeps the tank’s seals from becoming too dry.

Make sure you buy a fuel stabilizer to prevent your vehicle’s fuel from deteriorating before you return. You can purchase it from online auto parts superstore as it only deals in quality auto parts.

  1. Charge Your Vehicle’s Battery

One of the most important parts of your vehicle is battery. Your car can not function without it. Battery can lose its charge whenever it is left unattended for more than a month.

So, arrange to have someone start your vehicle and drive for almost 15 minutes every two weeks whenever you plan to place it in storage. Doing so will not only keep your car’s battery charge but also keep engine and other components lubricated and in working order.

  1. Avoid the Parking Brake

Never use parking brakes whenever you are storing your car, no matter how sensible it may seem. When they are left in contact with rotors for long period of time, there are high chances that parking brake pads and rotor might fuse together.

Instead of taking this risk, make sure you use tire stopper so that your car cannot move. Whether you need parking brake pads or rotors, visit online auto parts superstore only to enhance the performance of your vehicle. Follow all above mentioned steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Long Term Storage. Still call us if needed any auto repair services in Winston Salem.


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