Wheel Alignment And Balancing Services

We are offering wheel alignment and balancing services in Winston Salem, North Carolina. If your car is shaking its mean at least one of your car tire is unbalance and needs balancing. Unbalance wheel not only create difficulty in driving but also can cause the bald spots and uneven tire wear. There are many situations I which you can figure out that your car is unbalanced such as:

  • When your car shakes at some point or speed
  • When you replace new tires
  • When you removed the tires from its rim
  • When you feel some vibration in your wheels

Wheel alignment and balancing is needed because it will increase the life of your suspension system and also necessary for the safe driving. At All Star Auto Solutions, we are using latest wheel balancing technology so we can perfectly balance your wheel. It doesn’t matter how bad your wheels balancing is, our experts are ready to take that challenge.